We're creating a place to have honest dialogue

Creating spaces where our community – the whole community – can be heard.

The 2081 Project

Coming May 5th, 2020

Creating a Safe Place to Have the Whole Conversation

Each of us is working to achieve equality, but we’re fighting amongst ourselves instead of hearing each other out.  This a safe place where friends and folks who perceive they have a different point of view can have honest dialogue complete conversations, without fear of being shut down.

Why is the podcast called The 2081 Project?

About Us:

Barrett White

Barrett is a print journalist and editor. He currently co-curates talent and topics for The 2081 Project. He attended the University of Houston in the renowned Creative Writing program and has spent close to a decade in queer media, lending his talents to Spectrum South, OutSmart Magazine and the Houston Press, among others. Find about more about Barrett here.

Vince Pryor

Vince is a community activist and consultant. Since moving to Houston in 2015, he has been actively engaged in local and state politics. A long-time advocate for LGBTQ+ youth, Vince served as a Founding Member of the Board of Directors for Tony’s Place, a non-profit providing resources and shelter to LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness. Find out more about Vince here.

Dani Beniot

Dani left her home in Katy, Texas after high school to search for a place in Denton’s queer community. There, she received her BA in Radio, Television & Film, with minors in Women’s and LGBT Studies, from the University of North Texas. Dani now lives in Houston, where she is active in the city’s queer community. Find out more about her here.

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